Food freedom is important in our lives, even if it sometimes doesn’t seem that important to us.

See, when you’re living an existence geared towards constant thriving for success, it’s easy to take important things for granted when they do not seem directly related to our run for success.

Things like family, friends, and health can easily be dismissed and take second or last place in our long list of priorities.

In the short term, nothing really changes–but that’s the short term. Your family and friends may understand, and your health wouldn’t suffer at first.

But as you continue on, what happens then?

Well, you’ll find your health fade away, stress decreases and food freedom is at stake as emotional eating and cravings are on the increase. Your family and friends will be more frustrated at the lack of attention you give. You are aware that something is not right and it feels like something you can’t control on your own.

And when the stress of your job as well as other problems arise, more and more unhealthy habits set in.

And that’s when we find excuses, just to justify our behavior to ourselves.

Cravings Will Rule Over Our Lives

Food freedom becomes a distinct memory of the past. We use the cravings that we have for food as a coping mechanism, eating our pain away in unhealthy ways without actually addressing the problem.

The worst part? Society advertises that having no food freedom is a good thing.

They just sell us addictive snacks, crunchy chips, sugary cookies and convenient junk food. They market convenient fast food meals, extremely processed and unhealthy food labelled as “healthy”. They want us to eat these meals and foods. They need us to eat these foods for their profit and our detrimental.

And we just let them. We tend to buy into this system, thinking that cravings are good for us because of the barrage of culture around us. “I mean, if that’s what the ads are saying, and if everyone is doing it, is it really that bad?”

It is. It is bad for our health, and it is bad for the well-being of our bodies.

Eating regularly unhealthy foods can destroy our health, inside and out, giving us a body with no energy and a life with the same problems as before, only now our body is too unhealthy to face them properly.

It’s a hard life to live.

I wouldn’t wish it for my worst enemy.

What Can You Do To Experience Food Freedom?

You need to deal with those cravings and why you have them.

You need to actually face the things that you are feeling.

The relief that emotional eating gives you, is a temporary one, and it leaves permanent scars that you can’t take away ourselves.

So, you need to be honest to yourself, to build your self-esteem and self-control.

Be kind to yourself, too, because even the best of us go through this.

You may consider some help and support that a nutritional coach like me can give.

If you’re skeptical about it, I understand.

But I want you to think about it, and to give a lifestyle without cravings a try.

From July 12 to July 16, I have a 5-Day #DropYourCravingsChallenge to help people understand what emotional eating takes away from their life and give them 5 simple steps to overcome their cravings.


Afterwards, if you are interested, I am opening slots to my Group Coaching Program.

If you are interested to dive deeper, then go ahead and reserve a slot today.

Even when you are down in these pits of despair, realizing that your lack of food freedom has left you in a terrible mess, it isn’t the end of the world.

You can do something about it.

You are your own master. All you need to do is admit you need help–and take action upon it.

May you find the peace and joy you are searching for.