Food freedom as a concept has not really been talked about at all in public spaces. Especially when it comes to casual conversation, food freedom is seen as a lark. Nobody takes it seriously because nobody thinks it’s a serious problem.

But it is.

Food freedom is something that most people do not have because they give in to cravings easily. They snack and they gorge and they think it’s OK for their health. They get more unhealthy, either eating at the wrong times and always feeling hungry or eating all the time and becoming unhealthy in the body. It is a cycle of hurt, one that fails to cover a hole in ourselves.

You can do better. You should do better.

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Now, I will talk about all of these at length in the festival, but I also wanted to talk about it now because it is just so important to me. Food freedom is something that needs to be talked about, needs to be known. People need to live better, and I will live the rest of my life making this message be known.

So, here you go: how can you experience food freedom? By taking care of your emotions.

Take The Time To Breathe

We live in a world of stress. Just, seeping, teeming with the weight of the world on our shoulders. To get food freedom, you need to stop–and take the time to breathe.

Even in days where you have a lot to do, it really pays off to give yourself a break. Even if it’s just to breathe for a few minutes, it really gives you a chance to reassess. That chance to reassess, to center yourself, gives you a calmer perspective that lets you make smarter choices in the long run.

I have written about this in a blog entry that I feel will be very illuminating for you. But for your body to achieve the food freedom that you want, you need to do this for yourself.

Chant Positive Self-Affirmations to Yourself

Sometimes, we don’t achieve food freedom because we are shackled with negative preconceptions about ourselves. We don’t care about ourselves enough even if we care about others.

So you need to take a step back and give yourself a positive affirmation that reminds you of the goodness that exists within. Whatever it may be, whether it’s “I love myself” or “I am doing my best,” it keeps your thoughts in perspective and ideas at bay when you remind yourself that, for all your faults, you are a good person.

This is a path to food freedom: by being kind to yourself


Let yourself find the food freedom within!

Limit Your Stressful Interactions

Finally, no matter how well-adjusted or powerful you are, you still need to know your limits when it comes to stress. You are human, too, and you must respect the human limits your body has set for you.

So, manage your stress! When you get too stressed, you start overeating, and when you start overeating, your food freedom is destroyed. If you need to work less, then work less. If you need to set boundaries on what time you can work on something, set those boundaries.

Your food freedom depends on it, on your own self-respect. You need to accept that you are worth all this effort to keep yourself healthy. You need to love yourself, as deeply and truly as any love in the world.

We’ll Talk About It More…

…on May 27-29! Please come to our virtual summit! Not only is it free, but you will be getting more knowledge about topics like emotional eating from the foremost experts in the world. Take care of yourself for once, and attend What Are You REALLY Craving? A Food Freedom Festival to learn more about how, just like that blue bird, you can be free from the tyranny of food.