2018 is knocking on the door and I couldn’t be more excited. This is the time for a successful person to start over, refresh our goals and work to achieve success.

“Success” is a very particular word, at least for a successful person!

For some people, being successful means to get married, raise a family, stay healthy and watch their kids grow up. For others, success means to get promoted in their jobs or open their own business.


Anyways, success could mean so many different things. As a person who loves to work with people and help them to achieve their goals, I feel confident to be in the know about what’s needed to be successful. Of course, there are tons of ways to become the person you want to be, but let’s take a minute and think about what is YOUR definition of success and what’s missing to get there? You may have already all that you need in the palm of your hand.


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Regardless of your answer to that question, one thing you need to be successful is always good health. You wouldn’t be able to successfully work, have a proper date or enjoy your family if you are unhealthy.

The key to succeeding in the New Year, is to feel strong and energetic, that’s why I suggest following my below tips to enhance your health:

  • Drink enough water, half your weight in pounds in ounces (so if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water per day, that is around 10 glasses of water per day)
  • Balance food intake with physical activity to manage weight
  • Consume more of nutrient rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and healthy protein such as lean organic meat or wild caught seafood
  • Consume fewer or no foods with added sodium (salt), saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, added sugars, and refined grains. Cut down on fast food and processed food, sodas and sweetened (sugar or artificial/diet) foods and drinks
  • Chose the healthiest food you can afford, ideally go organic and cook as much as you can fresh from scratch
  • Chose foods with as little ingredients and no added sugar or additives, learn how to read labels
  • Some people prefer to have a slightly lower intake of grains, follow a vegetarian/vegan diet, have food intolerances, allergies (gluten, dairy) or need a special diet (diabetes, chronical illness etc.). For a personalized meal plan contact me or speak with your health care specialist

These are my best tips when it comes to boost your health. Remember that you can only enjoy the good things in life if you are strong and healthy. Moreover, there’s another thing that you have to take into account if you’re hoping to be successful and that is goal setting and achievements. What do you want to accomplish? What are you going to do about it? The secret for effective goal setting is to be disciplined and consistent. Ask yourself WHY these goals are important to you.


These are great tips if you want to achieve your goals:

  • Be specific
  • Choose measurable goals
  • Do brainstorm
  • Meditate
  • Read, listen and learn


Now that you know what every successful person should know before 2018, let’s enjoy what’s left of this year! Start being healthy from NOW with my exclusive Holiday Meal plan! It contains two full menus with vegan, sugar and gluten free recipes to enjoy happy and healthy holidays with delicious foods!

I want my 7 Day Sugar FREE Meal Plan