Detox For A Better You

This 2020, you may have been aiming for a better you! Let’s start it right and detox!!

Detox is not a new thing! People know the health benefits of detoxing. But honestly, we are underestimating the power of detoxing!

Health Benefits of Detox

Maybe some may have knowledge, but for the benefit of those who are unaware, detox can;
  • Help with weight loss
  • Improve digestive health
  • Improve mood


Improve Health This 2020

The new decade is giving us a chance and hope to build a better and healthier version of ourselves. And, if you are still thinking of a way to keep your body in tiptop for the coming year then you might be a little left behind! This is your last chance to hop on the 2020 bus! And, if you snooze, you lose!!!
I have been writing a blog series, and it seems to have stirred up some reactions.
I got few replies, asking about different approaches for weight loss that work. Some of you were asking if detoxing is something I would recommend as a weight-loss strategy.
I am all for detoxing BUT (there is a big BUT), it must be done efficiently and safely. Looking at the endless options, I like to caution people about detoxes. Some may damage the body because they do not respect the 3 phases of detoxification. You see, some of them can even lead to free radicals floating around the body and causing more harm than good.

Why Would You Need a Detox?

Know that too many toxins can build up in your liver getting stored in your fat cells. This can result in excess fat as more toxins bind to more fat and vice versa. Toxins are fat-soluble and need to be transformed into water-soluble particles, for elimination.
This is the job of a detox. However, only by respecting the 3 phases, this will happen efficiently and safely.
Now with this in mind, I decided to add my 10-day detox program (value $97) as a bonus when you sign up for my weight loss membership. I offer it right now for a super low investment.
This detox will kick start your year and straight away help you to lose some pounds, get more energy and speed up your health journey by 110%.
It provides you with a meal plan, recipes and a way forward in 2020 over and over. Just be aware, it is not a diet but a great way to allow your body to start healing which is part of a long-term healthy weight journey.

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