For a quick second, let’s have a trip down memory lane, try to recall what worries you about Halloween party last year? Is it about your costume? What food you’ll bring to the office party? Is it the treats for the kids, or is it about the decorations?

Well, who would have thought that we’ll have more to worry about this year? Aside from the costumes, food to bring, and decors. We all have to adjust to the new normal. I agree, Halloween this year will be a totally different ball game, and to ease your worry, I made a list of creative ideas to celebrate the Halloween despite the pandemic.

Halloween party backdrops

Challenge your family in making the most interesting and spooky Halloween backdrop. Since most of us are either in an online class or an online meeting, might as well add a little bit of fun by using those backdrops.

Re-use your old costumes

A great trick is to mix and match your costumes, A mermaid tail with a cowboy hat or a Zombie top with a Princess skirt? Why not? It may sound or even look silly, but that’s what makes it fun. Let your imagination run wild and have fun!

Clothesline Trick or treat

Hang those sweet treats or silly tricks in a simple clothesline or string outside your yard or fence. This will ensure that social distancing is observed, and your kids will surely enjoy picking treats from afar.

Go Healthy

One way to avoid the virus is to make sure that we boost our immune system. Instead of the usual chocolate treats, try oatmeal cookies, apple monsters, or frozen banana fingers, which tastes way better and a lot healthier.

Remember, our worry list may be longer this year, but we have to continue looking at the brighter side. Just make sure to take precautions to stay safe. I had prepared a guide to help you with your preparations below.

Corona Virus Guide

We should not let the pandemic stop us from celebrating, having fun, and specifically enjoying Halloween party – whether it maybe be our unusual way. We have to be resilient and creative in dealing with this pandemic.

If you want to know more about what precautionary measure I am making during this pandemic and upcoming holidays, do not hesitate to reach out and take advantage of my FREE CONSULTATION. Or, if you just want to boost your immune system, you may start with detox.

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