Stuck on the Lead-Gen Hamster Wheel?

Feeling Stuck?

That dream of reaching six figures feels out of reach as you tirelessly navigate through ads, webinars, and cold DMs without any real traction.

The Hard Truth:

Investing in cold leads is exhausting. Without trust, those leads rarely turn warm, leaving your ideal clients out of reach.

A Smarter Way Forward:

Imagine a world where you connect with audiences ready to listen, thanks to the power of collaborative partnerships. It’s not just about reaching more people; it’s about finding the right people.

Why Team Up?

Collaboration amplifies your efforts. By joining forces with complementary businesses, you tap into an audience that’s already engaged and trusting, transforming effort into impact.

Hit the Ground Running with the Collaborative Growth Blueprint

Ditch the solo grind and get ready to connect. Our Blueprint is your shortcut to building meaningful partnerships and warming up those leads. Here is what’s included:

A Step-by-Step Checklist

Covering everything from the initial planning stages of a collaborative event or promotion to the follow-up actions needed to capitalize on the momentum created. Includes my 10 minutes starter guide to get ready within 48 hours.


Partner Discovery Guide

Tips and strategies on where to find potential partners who share your business values and audience, including recommendations for networking platforms and social media groups.


Collaboration Models Explained

A breakdown of different types of partnerships and collaborations (like guest workshops, joint webinars, affiliate promotions, events, and bundled offers) with pros and cons for each, helping you to choose the best fit for your goals and how to make moniez.

Collaborative Growth Blueprint


Why You’ll Love This Blueprint:

It’s straightforward: this guide puts you directly in front of people ready to hear your message.

Leverage trust, expand your reach, and connect on a deeper level.



Ready to Make Waves?

Step into the Collaborative Growth Blueprint and witness your network—and business—flourish like never before.

Snag your guide, put it into action, and share your wins with me in 48 hours. Let’s celebrate your leap forward!


Andrea Caprio

Andrea Caprio, the driving force behind Wellness Methods, has leveraged her success in emotional eating and weight loss coaching to mentor other coaches aiming for six-figure businesses and beyond. Through extensive exploration of various marketing and sales strategies,

Andrea has identified the most impactful methods for scaling a business. She now imparts these proven strategies to fellow coaches, offering guidance on achieving substantial growth. Her mentoring is grounded in practical, actionable tactics, emphasizing strategic collaborations and straightforward marketing techniques, all stemming from her personal journey in expanding her coaching enterprise.

Food Freedom

It’s a journey, not a destination!

What Customers say:

“Andrea Caprio offers the best combination of qualities to work with, in my opinion: She’s extremely organized and efficient, yet offers great flexibility in addressing her clients’ uniquely individual wellness needs. I consider her a friend, a colleague, and a highly qualified coach.” 

Diane L.

“I had the privilege of having Andrea as my mentor while I was starting my ITN course. Andrea was supportive, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and gave great guidance and advice. She listened to my situation and offered practical steps and information to improve and overcome challenges. I was always freshly motivated after our meetings! I highly recommend her!”

Sarah Palmisano

“Andrea’s coaching style is well balanced as she mixes a straight to the point approach with her empathic and caring personality. Andrea’s never-ending thirst for knowledge (attending many seminars, masterclasses, certifications) in addition to her own experience as a coach (emotional eating specialist) provide her with all the hands on experience that makes a great business coach. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her!”


“Working with Andrea and her team has been transformational. Her approach is comprehensive and her team is knowledgeable and extremely responsive. They care about the clients and work tirelessly to make sure we have the support that we need. And it works!! I can’t say enough positive things about working with Andrea!!”

Donna M.