Brilliant color and taste, chose between red, green and yellow bell pepper.


Why are they so healthy?

  • It is one of the 2 vegetables which contain high doses of carotenoids (the other is Tomato)
  • It has lots of other Phytonutrients such as Flavonoids and Hydroxycinnamic Acids
  • Very high in Vitamin C, ripe Bell pepper contain more Vitamin C than unripe ones
  • Rather eat raw or lightly sautéed as some of the nutrients are destroyed during long cooking and grilling
  • High in Sulphur which may have a great anti-cancer benefit


How to prepare?

  • Best is to add it to salads, like a tuna or chicken salad
  • Great with Bean salads too, add to red beans, onions, tomatoes and corn
  • Shortly sauté together with celery, onions and combine with some protein
  • Add to a crudité platter with some healthy dips such as Humus
  • Prepare it in a cold Gazpacho with tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic and Olive oil