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Module #1: Identify and tackle!

Emotional hunger can’t be filled with food, however, not many people seem to understand that the real problem is lack of knowledge. On this module, you'll learn the root causes of emotional eating, where the cravings come from and how to address your emotional eating habits according to your profile.

Note that we're all unique, the way I crave food is not the same as yours. You will find out why eating is your primary emotional coping mechanism and what actions are needed to change your eating habits for good.

Module #2 Overcome your emotional stress eating!

This is the part we have fun. After you measure your cravings score with the "cravingmeter" you'll be ready to take action and beat those cravings! With a series of videos, cheatsheets, meal plan templates and the "Quit Sugar Workbook", you will get a step-by-step roadmap to finally overcome emotional eating.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of the Overcome Emotional Eating training course.

  • Overcome cravings by learning the real root causes and how to address them effectively (Hint: No willpower needed)
  • Check your foods, clean your shelves: Learn which foods increase cravings and harm your body, and replace them with better alternatives - I'll provide shopping lists and cheat sheets!
  • Cravingmeter: How much of an emotional eater are you really?
  • How to make your own cravings-free meal plan. I'll show you some healthy recipes that will help you stay full.