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  • Forever Perfect Weight

    1:1 6 months VIP coaching program

    During the "Forever Perfect Weight" VIP journey we develop a personalized protocol and action plan to sexy, healthy weight.

    You will gain awareness about the cause for emotional eating and weight gain and overcome you health and emotional issues.

    Client Investment

    $5982 on monthly plan (other plans or promotions may apply)

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    Group coaching program


    Client Investment

    $397 monthly (other promotions may apply)

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    Membership program


    Client Investment

    $97 monthly

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  • Subject Line:

    • You need someone that truly cares!
    • STOP!! Do not torture yourself!

    Subject Body:

    You know what, (first_name)?

    I learned from a friend today that 80% of the people who start a weight loss diet, fail within a few days or weeks. 

    This really shocked me. And it made me wonder...why?

    Andrea Caprio - my friend who told me this, is a Master Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Weight loss, Digestive and Hormonal Health expert. She told me that most people fail because their weight resolutions are made without proper goal setting or habit planning. She also mentioned that most people get on too restrictive diets which they cannot keep up with, and that people forget to address the root causes of their weight or health issues which make it almost impossible to be successful in the long term.

    When she said this...I immediately thought of the things that made me jump off the wagon before.

    She mentioned that most approaches are just proposing strict meal plans or impossible to follow recipes that nobody has time to prepare or cannot sustain long-term. Hence, the struggle to keep at it!

    And this is the reason why Andrea created her coaching programs in such a way that suits every single one of us. "PERSONALIZED NUTRITION" as she calls it.

    I realized that whatever program you sign up with her, she will not only help you to improve all the nutrition and lifestyle factors but she also brings emotional and spiritual health into the game. And this is what brings true TRANSFORMATION.

    Why is that?

    Because (first_name}, my friend Andrea, was an emotional eater herself for years. This was until she finally won the battle against her cravings and improved her own health and weight.  Now, she has developed effective tools and simple techniques to help other professionals overcome their weight and emotional eating issues holistically.

    She created programs such as:

    • Group Coaching
    • Emotional Eating Consultations
    • VIP 1:1 Coaching Programs

    All programs are created to cater to different individual’s needs.

    And now, she has created a membership program that allows you to deep dive into all the knowledge at a fraction of the price!!

    This program will help you overcome your weight and health issues once and for all!! Being a member will help you;

    • Get clear about your goals and map out your journey
    • Address the root causes of your health and weight issues
    • Implement and maintain simple habits
    • Develop a lifestyle that fits your busy schedule
    • Use simple tools to achieve your goals
    • Approach your health and weight issues in a holistic way

    Andrea has put all the knowledge and tools that she normally offers to her VIP and group coaching clients into 1 easy membership program.

    Joining her membership program, you can expect;

    • Diminished cravings
    • Weight loss
    • Feel confident about yourself
    • More productivity
    • Less stressed
    • Less bloating and digestive issues
    • Hormone balancing
    • Less mood swings and anxiety
    • Better sleep
    • More energy, less fatigue
    • Less pain
    • Improvement of chronic diseases
    • Better immune system
    • Happy life


    You get

    Bi-weekly modules + videos - Value: $ 197/month

    Monthly LIVE Q&A calls - Value: $200 per month

    Resources - Value: $50 per month

    Continuous support - Value: $ 49/month


    • Discounts on high-quality supplements and other products
    • Occasional interviews and workshops

    Value: unlimited


    Crazy bonus 1 – Unlimited digital coaching - Value $87 per month

    Crazy bonus 2 - 10 day transformational reset diet  - Value $97

    Total value: $583 per month


    And you get all this for just $1

    (7 days trial, pay $ 97 monthly thereafter)

    So {first_name}, stop wasting your time, money and effort with diet plans that do not work for you. Sign up and get help from someone who has been there and really cares for you and your well-being. 

    Check details here! (insert link)

    (Sign off as you usually do)


    PS. This is a special launch offer right now, so be quick as Andrea will raise the price soon. Sign up here for the $1 trial (insert link)




  • 1:1 VIP Coaching Program Swipe Copy

  • Subject Line:

    • Struggling with emotional eating? This is for you!
    • Overcome emotional eating and achieve your desired weight in a matter of days

    Subject Body:


    Hi (first name),


    Looking to lose weight and keep it down for the rest of your life?


    Tried everything but nothing seems to work?


    Wanna get over those cravings once and for all?


    Wanting to feel more confident and feel fulfilled without the pounds? Need results fast?


    International renowned weight loss and emotional eating coach, Andrea Caprio has currently opened a limited number of spots  for her VIP coaching program to help other hard working professionals meet their health goals without spending too much time or money!


    My friend Andrea spent years looking for the right diet. She followed countless "fitness influencers", health gurus, nutrition coaches, and nothing seemed to work.


    With a full-time job and 2 kids, Andrea decided to embark in a new adventure - become a master nutrition coach. After years of research, she found solutions to her cravings based on science. 


    Now as an emotional eating expert, she wants to help other professionals who are currently struggling to achieve their desired weight and overcome emotional eating.  


    The Forever Perfect Weight Program is a 1:1 VIP coaching program where you can get a personalized step-by-step protocol to beat emotional stress eating and get in shape faster so you can feel confident in the spotlight!


    Check here how you can actually beat your emotional cravings in a matter of days! [Insert link]


    Some of the features are:


    • Comprehensive Transformational Nutrition Health assessment form, health and personal history, food and lifestyle journal, recent medical test results etc. helping to find root causes
    • Full evaluation of past and current health, lifestyle and personal history and development of a personalized transformational nutrition protocol including recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, exercise, emotional/spiritual areas of your life to help improve your overall health (+- 3 hours)
    • 1 Health assessment feedback session includes personalized protocol, co-creation of your goals and recommendations (+-1.5 hrs) – with me online or local
    •  Implementation of a personalized transformational nutrition protocol including recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, exercise, emotional/spiritual areas of your life to help improve your overall health, address specific issues and reach your wellness goals with my 5 R-phases system

    1.       Reset

    2.       Resolve System Imbalances

    3.       Recognize the Root Cause

    4.       Repair or Remove the Root Cause

    5.       Return to Resolving System Imbalances

    • 14 coaching sessions (45 minutes) online or locally with me

    And sooo much more!


    Check all the features and bonuses you're getting! [insert link]



    (Sign off as you usually do)





  • Group Coaching

  • Subject Line:

    • End emotional eating forever (all deets inside)
    • Your spot has being saved!

    Subject Body:


    Hi (first name),


    Your drawer is filled with cookies and chocolate that you secretly eat when too stressed.

    Coming home after a loooooong day, you head to the freezer to find joy in the ice cream tub.

    You are so exhausted, a big bowl of chips in front of TV is your regular dinner.

    You feel overwhelmed by too much work and only find relief when eating.


    This is emotional eating.


    My friend and emotional eating expert, Andrea Caprio, was an emotional eater for years until she finally won the battle against her cravings.  Now, she has developed effective tools and simple techniques to help other professionals overcome their emotional eating  issues holistically.


    After applying her proven methodology, she has witnessed improvement in all of her clients... no matter if they wanted to lose weight, improve chronic diseases or overcome emotional issues and fatigue. Most of her clients see their first improvements after only a few weeks being part of her End Emotional Eating Forever Coaching program and it gets better and better!


    Her group coaching program (insert link) contains the essentials to help you eliminate cravings for good. 

    This is what you're getting:

    2 hours of bi-weekly group coaching sessions

    • Coaching on nutrition, eating, lifestyle, habits, emotional, stress management, psychology, spiritual, addressing physical and emotional root causes and so much more
    • Interviews and webinars/workshops with experts on the latest on nutrition, stress management, productivity, emotional health etc.
    • Work books, done for you lists, step by step guides, recipes, meal plans to support you best
    • Q&A sessions sharing experience, asking questions, learning form, others, getting support
    • Join via video or phone (even in your car) – or join live for those in Cascais

    Continuous support

    • Weekly check in: Track your progress and get your burning questions answered
    • FB group: Accountability, daily support and motivation in a private FB group, hold space/emotional support


    • 10 day transformational reset diet (detox). Includes done for you guide, meal plan, recipes and so much more
    • 1:1 coaching session (30 min) where we can address your personal health issues and I can provide you with some personalized tips

    Optional add on for extra care and special rates:

    • VIP 1:1 coaching
    • Supplements

    Check more bonuses and details here! (insert link)


    (Sign off as you usually do)





  • Beat Emotional Eating Consultation 

  • Subject Line:

    • [Apply today] Apply for a Beat Emotional Eating consultation!
    • Master your cravings and boost your self-confidence!


    Subject Body:


    Hi (first name),



    What is your NUMBER ONE health goal at this moment?

    Here some possible goals:

    • Lose 5 pounds by the end of the month
    • Start a workout routine
    • Learn how to meditate
    • Go sugar-free on Monday
    • And there are more... 

    My friend and emotional eating expert, Andrea Caprio, used to have those kind of goals in the past. She had a full-time job, 2 kids, and barely some time for herself. 

    She constantly reminded herself all her health goals, but that was it was, goals. There were no actions what so ever.


    She usually felt tired and her cravings were getting worst.


    It wasn't until she put her health as a priority that she could change her lifestyle. 


    Have you ever thought that the reason why your health hasn't improved yet is because you don't put yourself first?


    She thought about it and the truth shocked her. Now she wants to show YOU how you can put your health as priority even if you don't have time for yourself.


    Take a look at her Beat Emotional Eating Consultation - During this consultation you will work on achieving your goals, and possibly much more that you have not yet seen possible.


    Using Andrea's proven process, you will:

    1. Clarify Your Goals 

    2. Strategize Your Actions 

    3. Upgrade Your Skills 

    4. Optimize Your Environment 

    5. Master Your Psychology 


    Don't know how to identify your health goals properly? 

    Perhaps what you want is to go sugar-free or lose weight and you don't have the "strength" or "will" to start a diet or a workout routine. Is this happening to you?


    If yes, she will help you identify the root causes of your health issues and develop a personalized action plan to stop cravings and maintain better eating habits 

    Are you ready to take ACTION TODAY? ... or are you going to leave it until tomorrow?


    Apply for your Beat Emotional Eating Consultation for FREE! (worth 267$)




    (Sign off as you usually do)





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