Activities and Approach to Better “Mass Production” and “Fertility”

Productivity has become one of the most important criteria to look for, be it any working environment or one’s own personal life. It is seen as a way to boost your performance, turn your ideas into actions and most importantly, they it is all about consistent behavior and rituals that you adopt. You can utilize various methods in order to boost, upgrade and improve your “mass production” strategies and your “fertility” to give birth to more finalized projects.


Track, limit and optimize your time:

Always keep an eye on the amount of time you spend on any particular task. You may feel like noble during the first phase of your task, but in the latter half, you may end up with the scarcity of time. Avoid giving endless time to any task as it may waste your precious time which you could have used elsewhere. Try giving yourself a deadline and then stick to it; you would be surprised to know how productive and good you can be.


Strategy towards meetings:

Meeting and wasting time is synonymous. Any meeting, which is not productive is not worth utilizing unless you know the main reason or criteria behind it. You end up with the loss of productivity and stress instead of fertility in your project. Try to restrict yourself attending meetings with an unclear agenda. Ask yourself whether you can accomplish the same goals or tasks via email, phone or a web-based meeting which may be slightly more productive and less time consuming.


Minimize distractions and interruptions:

Even a brief interruption in work may lead to the drop in productivity and change in your work pattern. No one can be expected to resist the allure of an email, voicemail, text notification, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Try to turn off those notifications and set a certain time to get updates. Some organizations monitor their employees and block/limit certain website access.


Go for Creativity:

One can be bored doing tasks or writing articles if they tend to repeat the same information. Try to bring creativity to your work. Let your inventiveness rule over your dull and unresourceful thought. You will only feel a blitz of new ideas, analyze newer and better topics when you throw out older ideas. You will be delighted to find so much creativity in yourself once you come up with brighter ideas.


Give up Multitasking:

If you ever try to perform several tasks at one time, then it may result in failure. There will be a huge drop in productivity and loss of time. Instead, make a habit of committing to a single task before moving on to your next project.


Learn to say “No”:

Other people will steal your productive time if you let them. It is important that you learn to say ‘No’ to tasks which are not important to you and do not serve your objectives. This one word will free up hours of productive time each month.


Be prepared to Disappoint:

You may disappoint your colleagues or partners when you are concentrating on your goals. Set up goals, prioritize your tasks and focus on getting done at least your 3 top goals each day. This does not mean you will never help someone else out, but you will get to it after you make sure you have enough time left for your other important tasks.


What are you best strategies to  improve your “mass production” strategies and your “fertility” to get more done?


By: Andrea Caprio, CTNC, CCWC

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