Let’s talk about happiness. After years in the corporate sector and having a stressful job, I decided to take all risks to start my nutrition coaching business. I can’t lie, it was hard at the beginning, but with the proper tools, I decided to move forward and became

a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach.

I’ve noticed that a common issue is that people are not fully satisfied with their lives and what they have achieved thus far. Our mind plays a powerful role in our health and it has been proven that there are health issues related to our mindset and emotions.

I’ll explain myself better. When you’re down or depressed, cravings appear and you feel this strong need for food (usually unhealthy food) to feel better about yourself. Perhaps you just remembered that time when you ate your favorite ice cream when you were crying like a river and it made you feel better. That’s exactly my point. Food cravings appear when we don’t eat mindfully, we just let our feelings take control. That’s what we call “emotional eating”.

When I first discovered the link between emotional eating and weight gain, I decided that I had to take real action over my life, I needed to achieve fulfillment if I wanted to be healthy. When I finally did and worked towards achieving my goals, my health improved and so did my life mission. Now, my everyday job is to help others to achieve fulfillment and happiness in their lives too.

So if you want to start on the right foot, I suggest you follow these 7 steps (that have helped me so much) to achieve fulfillment and happiness:

• Get rid of negative energy. Write it down, scream, jump, dance or punch a pillow. Find a way to let it all out.
• Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. One at a time.
• Dance, jump, play, run or do anything that makes you joyful.
• Listen to music you like. Music makes you happy. Bonus points if you sing or dance along.
• Pick an activity that brings you joy and do it on a regular basis. This could be a hobby, be with a friend, do an activity you like, do something creative and stimulating.
• Spend time with animals. They have a great energy which makes you feel better.
• Aromatherapy is a great way to enhance your mood positively. Here are some oils which work best.
• Geranium
• Bergamot
• Rose
• Lavender
• Myrrh
• Chamomile

Now, if your goal is to achieve happiness and be able to achieve your goals in your life and business, I have a special something for you. As I said, my job and passion are to help others and what a better way to help by giving you my amazing Goal Planner Guide.

Inside you’ll find the five principles of goal setting plus my goal planner cheat sheets so that you can easily identify your goals and map a step by step process to achieve them!

Last but not least, Be happy!

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