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The “5 Collaborations in 5 Days Growth Lab” is taking place from 24th to 28th June

Are you a coach struggling to find and convert quality leads?

The “5 Collaborations in 5 Days Growth Lab” is designed just for you.

Over five days, you’ll walk away with five actionable collaboration opportunities that will help you boost your leads and grow your business without high ad spend or complicated funnels.

From podcast guest spots to co-hosted workshops, you’ll gain hands-on experience and real connections that drive results.

The “5 Collaborations in 5 Days Growth Lab” is taking place from 24th to 28th June

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Who is this for?

A. You are struggling to get enough leads that convert into clients

As a wellness coach running a small practice for a year or more, you’re passionate about personal growth and helping others, but the struggle to maintain a steady client base is real.

Our “5 Collaborations in 5 Days Growth Lab” will provide you with practical, zero-cost strategies to attract and convert leads.

No more wasting money or time on ineffective marketing.

Gain collaborations that deliver real value and fit seamlessly into your schedule.

B. You have tried collaborations but still struggle to scale your business

Running an online self-improvement coaching business for several years, you’ve seen how hit-or-miss collaborations can be.

The “5 Collaborations in 5 Days Growth Lab” is tailored to refine your collaboration efforts, ensuring you get high-quality leads that convert.

Learn advanced strategies to stabilize your income and expand your reach, all while staying true to your values of transparency and sustainable health practices.

What You’ll Gain:


Real Connections:

Secure five meaningful collaboration opportunities, such as podcast guest spots, co-hosted workshops, and promotional partnerships.

Proven Strategies:

Learn actionable techniques to attract and convert high-quality leads without the need for expensive ads or complex funnels.

Community Support:

Join a vibrant community of like-minded coaches and experts. Share your journey, get feedback, and build lasting professional relationships.


The Growth Lab Journey:

The “5 Collaborations in 5 Days Growth Lab” is taking place from 24th to 28th June


Day 1: Partner Discovery & Blueprint


  • Learn: Identify ideal collaboration partners using our unique Collaboration Blueprint.
  • Do: Create a list of 10 potential partners.
  • Resources: Partner Discovery Guide, Collaboration Blueprint.
  • Outcome: A clear roadmap of potential partners and how to approach them.

Day 2: Crafting Your Pitch & Messaging

  • Learn: Develop compelling pitches and outreach messages.
  • Do: Write and refine your collaboration pitches.
  • Resources: Pitch Templates, Messaging Scripts.
  • Outcome: Personalized, persuasive pitches ready to send out.
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first move

Day 3: Making the First Move


  • Learn: Effective outreach techniques to secure initial meetings.
  • Do: Contact your potential partners and schedule initial calls.
  • Resources: Outreach Scripts, Email Templates.
  • Outcome: Secured meetings with at least 5 potential partners.

Day 4: Following Up & Sealing the Deal

  • Learn: Master follow-up strategies and partner evaluation.
  • Do: Follow up with partners and finalize collaboration details.
  • Resources: Follow-Up Guides, Partner Evaluation Checklist.
  • Outcome: Finalized collaboration gigs with 5 partners.
seal the deal
next step

Day 5: Execution & Next Steps


  • Learn: Best practices for collaboration execution and converting leads.
  • Do: Implement initial collaboration activities and track results.
  • Resources: Workshop Conversion Guide, Collaboration Models.
  • Outcome: Active collaborations underway, driving new leads and conversions.

Contest & Prizes:

Engage actively and win amazing prizes worth over $4K! Earn points for:

  • Offering collaboration opportunities
  • Recommending potential partners
  • Giving shoutouts on social media
  • Inviting others to join the challenge
  • Completing daily homework
  • And more

Top Prizes:


  • Space in my Mastermind program (worth 3K)
  • 1-1 coaching sessions (worth 1K)
  • Opportunities to speak at summits, panels, and more (priceless)

You are at the right place if one of these apply:

problem 1

Problem 1: Not Enough Leads

  • Solution: Secure multiple high-quality collaboration opportunities that bring leads to you.

Problem 2: Low Conversion Rates

  • Solution: Learn proven strategies to turn those leads into paying clients.

    Problem 3: High Time Investment in Finding Leads

    • Solution: Streamlined approach to finding and securing collaborations saves you time.

    Problem 4: Ineffective Collaborations

    • Solution: Get access to a Collaboration Blueprint and proven models that work.
      problem 2


      Benefits of Joining the Growth Lab:

      ✔️ Cross Promotion: Participants actively promote each other, expanding reach and visibility.

      ✔️ Collaboration Marketplace: Find partners within the community, creating a supportive network.

      ✔️ Rewards for Participation: Earn points and win prizes by engaging and helping others build connections.

      ✔️ Active Search for Opportunities: We assist in finding and setting up collaboration opportunities for you.

      What Customers say:

      “This challenge completely transformed my business. I gained three new clients from just one of the collaborations!”

      Emily T.

      “Andrea Caprio offers the best combination of qualities to work with, in my opinion: She’s extremely organized and efficient, yet offers great flexibility in addressing her clients’ uniquely individual wellness needs. I consider her a friend, a colleague, and a highly qualified coach.” 

      Diane L.

      “I had the privilege of having Andrea as my mentor while I was starting my ITN course. Andrea was supportive, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and gave great guidance and advice. She listened to my situation and offered practical steps and information to improve and overcome challenges. I was always freshly motivated after our meetings! I highly recommend her!”

      Sarah Palmisano

      “The 5-day format was so easy to follow, and the results were immediate. I highly recommend it!”

      Ashley C.

      “Andrea’s coaching style is well balanced as she mixes a straight to the point approach with her empathic and caring personality. Andrea’s never-ending thirst for knowledge (attending many seminars, masterclasses, certifications) in addition to her own experience as a coach (emotional eating specialist) provide her with all the hands on experience that makes a great business coach. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her!”


      “Working with Andrea and her team has been transformational. Her approach is comprehensive and her team is knowledgeable and extremely responsive. They care about the clients and work tirelessly to make sure we have the support that we need. And it works!! I can’t say enough positive things about working with Andrea!!”

      Donna M.

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      Andrea Caprio

      Andrea Caprio, the driving force behind Wellness Methods, has leveraged her success in emotional eating and weight loss coaching to mentor other coaches aiming for six-figure businesses and beyond. Through extensive exploration of various marketing and sales strategies,

      Andrea has identified the most impactful methods for scaling a business. She now imparts these tested strategies to fellow coaches, offering guidance on achieving substantial growth. Her mentoring is grounded in practical, actionable tactics, emphasizing strategic collaborations and straightforward marketing techniques, all stemming from her personal journey in expanding her coaching enterprise.

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