30 Days to a Healthier You: A Daily Checklist of Wellness Tips

As soon as you come across the phrase “Live Life, Be Healthy” you instinctively recoil from it, knowing full well that becoming healthier is no mean feat. You probably have to get a gym membership and even engage in a dozen diets, which would eventually starve you to a condition near death. Theoretically, you might even prefer embracing death than giving up your foodie lifestyle, right?

What you may not realize is that you can assure the well-being of your mind and your body just by including some subtle changes in your lifestyle for 30 days at a stretch. Impossible, you say? I am here to prove you wrong!

Here I will give you 30 tips you can follow every day for a month so that the end of it you can emerge fitter with a new zeal to live your life. Read on!

Day 1: Include fruits in your breakfast. They are rich in nutrients and vitamins, which are beneficial for your body and help in preventing an assortment of diseases. Use them to garnish your oatmeal or make a smoothie out of your favorite fruits.

Day 2: Eat green and leafy vegetables. Your mom was right when she forced you to eat green vegetables everyday for a nutritious meal.

Day 3: Start cooking for yourself. The food you buy from outside is more often than not processed and bad for your overall well being. When you start cooking for yourself, you will become more conscious of what goes in making your food.

Day 4: Drink green tea because it is a good source of antioxidants

Day 5: Get rid of sugar from your diet. Not only are they addictive without any concrete health benefits but rather they tend to leave you lethargic. If you feel you can’t live without sugar, get your dose from sweet fruits instead. Here some more info on sugar

yogaDay 6:
Start your day with a glass of water as it helps you in flushing out all the accumulated toxins from the previous night. Best is to drink warm water with some freshly squeezed lemon.

 Day 7: Make the most of spices and herbs. Cancer preventing and healthy spices such as turmeric, cardamom, thyme, basil and sage can make your taste buds enjoy new delights!

Day 8: Stand up more often. Those love handles that you see will vanish once you stop sitting around all day long.

Day 9: Be active. Use the stairs instead of the lift, use a cycle to work instead of your car…you get the drift!

Day 10: Try out Yoga at home instead of working out in a gym.

Day 11: Get some fresh air with a morning walk regularly.

Day 12: Try lifting anything heavy for a few minutes in order to strengthen your body. But do not put strain on your back.

Day 13: Stretching must be on your must-do list as it alleviates muscle tension.

Day 14: Enjoy nature as much as you can as it uplifts your mood significantly.

Day 15: Consume the healthy fats from almonds, avocados, seeds. coconuts and cashews which keep your heart health in check.

Day 16: Have a happy outlook on life because only then can you feel great enough to be healthy.

Day 17: Stop criticizing yourself. You can do anything you want to do, once you set your mind to it.

plant foodsDay 18: Eat salads more often to refresh your palate and to keep your body healthy

Day19: Prevent eating sugary and processed foods which disrupt your hormonal balance.

Day 20: Include more vitamins in your diet as they help increase your energy.

Day 21: Eat food rich in magnesium as it acts as a natural anti-depressant.

Day 22: Socialize more often as it is a sure shot way to relieve stress.

Day 23: Be open to trying out new things, from learning swimming to taking bakery classes, you never know when these hobbies become a passion.

Day 24: Don’t let anyone interfere with your ‘ME’ time. You deserve it!

Day 25: Get rid of the excess, be it your overflowing wardrobe or extravagant meals. Once you focus on the important things in life, you will see that they are the only ones that matter.

sleepDay 26: Don’t compromise on your eight hours of sleep as it is the only way you can get your body charged up for the next day.

Day 27: Let your life brim with positive energy which keeps inspiring everyone to be better and to do better.

Day 28: Treat everyone nicely. The goodness will come back to you a thousand fold.

Day 29: Cherish your loved ones, because every day is to be treasured.

Day 30: Commit yourself to your work. Once you focus your attention to it, you will begin enjoying it immensely.


Seems so easy, doesn’t it? I challenge you to this 30 day to a healthier you. Make sure you start your journey today for a better future and let me know what works best for you!


As always, if you want to know more, just connect to me.


By: Andrea Caprio, CTNC, CCWC

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